The 1000 USB Spot light comes with 12º beam angle, one hour burn time on high, and visual battery charge indicator ( green = full • yellow = half • red = low ). The integrated USB charger means no reason to take the battery out of the light! Includes… - Read More

US$ 115.00

Light & Motion
GoBe 500 Spot Light

The Light & Motion GoBe is a visionary reinvention of the flashlight. Its USB-rechargeable body connects to a variety of interchangeable light heads, allowing use for any activity from biking to hiking to kayaking to SCUBA. Waterproof to 120 meters,… - Read More

US$ 99.99

The Chemical Lightstick Alternative®. The LED version of our popular MARK-LITE®. This LED marker light will operate for 100 hours on one 3.6v Lithium battery (included). Tired of throwing away chemical light sticks after every use? Our Mark-Lite® is… - Read More

US$ 28.00

Underwater Kinetics
Mini-Q40 MK2 Light

Mini-Q40 MK2 is a compact and reliable dive light with performance you've never seen from a light this small. Equipped with a convenient push-button switch that's easy to use even with heavy gloves on, the Mini-Q40 MK2 can produce 250 lumens for 5 hours… - Read More

US$ 59.99

The most recognized dive light worldwide, the Sola Dive 1200 is flexible and powerful enough to serve as a video light, yet compact enough to dive with its included hand strap.   Featuring 1200 lumens in a 60 degree flood beam with a 500 lumen… - Read More

US$ 299.99

Class-leading performance and reliability in a lightweight, travel-friendly design, the Dive 2000 S/F features a powerful dual beam design with 2000 lumens in a 60 degree flood and a 600 lumen 12 degree spot beam.  With regulated output, reliable… - Read More

US$ 399.00

Light & Motion
Sola Tech 600 Light

Light and Motion SOLA Tech 600 Dive Light is easy to use. Slide forward or back to turn on or off. There are three power settings: control is accomplished through a magnetic coupled slider on the top of the light’s body. There are three indicator lights… - Read More

US$ 449.99

Light & Motion
Sola Video Pro 3800

Precision engineered to deliver professional results in an ultra-compact, travel-friendly platform. The Sola Video Pro 3800 features a chip-on-board LED array to create high-quality illumination with the widest beam angle possible for stunning imagery. … - Read More

US$ 499.99

The Sport Tac II features 500 lumens on high with a 10 degree beam angle. This light is designed as an all -purpose light, but still has a depth rating of 100 meters! It burns for over 2 hours on high and includes a visual battery charge indicator (green… - Read More

US$ 65.95

With its high lumen output and small size, this powerful, compact light will be your first choice for all your dives! The end cap charging unit is a convenient way to charge your battery without removing it from the light. - Read More

US$ 274.95