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Other Fun Specialty Classes


Boat Diver

The Kona coast of Hawaii is the perfect place to explore dive sites by boat.  With pristine coral reefs, underwater lava rock structures, and steep drop-offs,  Kona dive sites are full of adventure... [more]

Buoyancy Specialty

Hawaii is the perfect place to take the PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty course with one of the professional scuba instructors at Jack’s Diving Locker.  Buoyancy skills are extremely important for scuba divers for a... [more]

Deep Diver

Enjoy exploring the deeper depths of Kona’s amazing underwater world in the PADI Deep Diver Specialty course conducted at Jack’s Diving Locker.  With steep drop offs and clear water, Kona is the perfect place to... [more]


DPV Specialty

There’s nothing like scootering – riding a diver propulsion vehicle (DPV) – over coral reefs or around majestic pinnacles. Imagine motor cross, flying and jet skiing, all in one. A DPV is one of the... [more]

Equipment Specialist

Join the Jack’s Diving Locker knowledgeable staff in Kona, Hawaii for the PADI Equipment Specialty.  The goals of this specialty are to develop the student’s practical knowledge of theory, principles, and operation of diving equipment... [more]

Night Diver

If you’re like most divers, you’ll find night diving mysterious, yet alluring.  You may be attracted to the added challenge that darkness brings, enjoy the vibrant colors provided by underwater lights, or discover the myriad... [more]

Underwater Naturalist

Learn about what makes the Saddle Wrasse, Hawaiian Cleaner Fish, and Milletseed Butterflyfish so special. Differentiate between endemic, indigenous, and introduced species... [more]

Underwater Navigator

Navigation skills can help build confidence and prepare you for diving Kona's awesome shore dives. You can learn these skills in the PADI Underwater Navigation Specialty course at Jack’s Diving Locker with... [more]

Digital Underwater Photographer

Take only pictures, leave only bubbles …. Digital Underwater Photography is the perfect way to capture the fun and excitement of exploring the underwater world. Taking this course at Jack’s Diving Locker gives you the... [more]

Underwater Videographer

The Kona coast of Hawaii is the perfect place to get the perfect footage for Facebook, YouTube, or your own home movies! With colorful reef fish, interesting invertebrates, and a chance to see... [more]