Master Seal Team Camp

Snorkel, Scuba, and Marine Life Education Camps

Join the Master Seal Team Scuba Camp for Amazing Dive Experiences in the Pool and Ocean!

This camp is the second week in a two-part program for kids who want to take on the challenge with more Aqua Missions such as navigating with an underwater compass and diving on a ‘wreck’ at night in the pool!  Master Seals will also get a chance to explore the coral reefs of Hawaii with a shallow water dive – that’s right, real scuba dive in the ocean!  This camp is so much fun, many campers repeat it.

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Camp Information

– $395 plus tax
– $69 PADI Seal Team Pack (includes DVD) (Campers are required to have this pack – but will usually still have this from Seal Team camp.) 

– Ages 8 – 12 years old
– PADI Seal Team completion

– Monday – Thursday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  And Friday 3 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
– See Junior Camp Schedule

CAMPER NUMBERS: 3 camper minimum

REGISTRATION: Check availability or book online, see schedule below.  If you have any questions or you'd like to book over the phone please call Jack’s Diving Locker 808-329-7585 or 800-345-4807.  Space is limited, so please make reservations early.  Click here for camp registration FORMS.  Print, sign, scan and email forms to 

MEDICAL QUESTIONNAIRE: Please review the medical questions in your camp registration forms early! If your child has a YES answer on the medical statement, a doctor‘s approval is required. Please inquire about the Dr. approval form to take to your Dr. appt to have signed and returned to Jack's.

CAMPER ORIENTATION: Please set up an orientation with the Education director to review and submit completed paperwork, at this time you can view the Youth Diving Video.  Please note that all parents and campers either have to set up an orientation ahead of time or there will be a mandatory orientation the morning of Day 1 where we will show the Youth Diving Video*.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Any cancellations during the final 7 days prior to the camp will result in full charge for the camp.

– Instruction, BCD, Regulator, Tanks, Weights

STUDENTS PROVIDE: Swimsuit, towel, rashguard, change of clothes, sunscreen, lunch, snacks, reusable water bottle, mask/snorkel/fins (rental gear available), and their Seal Team Manual.

– 10% off most regularly priced merchandise

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