Boat Diving

Scuba diving tours

Manta Afternoon/Night Trip

Experience our famous Manta Ray Night Dive for an unforgettable encounter during two dives! Explore the reef as the sun begins to fade. Come up from your dive to enjoy a beautiful Hawaiian sunset and then descend into darkness and watch the night life come alive. 

Classic 2-Tank Day Trip

Slip into the crystal clear waters of Kona, Hawaii, where you'll soar through schools of tropical fish, swim through lava rock arches, or visit green sea turtles resting on the reef.  We often see dolphins ride the bow wake on the way to the dive site or humpback whales hanging out on the surface during the winter season.

Advanced Adventure 2-Tank Day Trip

Join us for a day of excitement and adventure exploring the Kona coast of Hawaii. Advanced boat trips are for scuba divers with advanced experience and may include deep dives on steep drop-offs, drift dives, and exciting caverns.

Pelagic Magic® 1-Tank Night Trip

Jack’s Diving Locker’s Pelagic Magic® won the Best Night Dive category in Scuba Diving magazine 2014 Readers Choice Awards!!! Join us drifting in the black abyss of the open ocean as we look for critters ascending from the depths.

Private Dive Charters

Whether you're a couple who want a private experience or a group ready to have fun together, Jack’s Diving Locker has several boats for people who would like to scuba dive, snorkel, dolphin/whale watch or just cruise.