Creature Feature - Day Octopus

A diver favorite, the Day Octopus, is the most common and frequently seen octopus in Hawaii.  This master of hide-and-seek often means divers swim right over them without noticing! While they are most active during early mornings and late afternoons, they spend about half their day in their chosen lair peering out and observing what’s passing by.  A master of disguise, the Day Octopus can change to a variety of color patters and textures depending on their surroundings. 

The Day Octopus mostly eats crabs, but will also eat mollusks and fish. The octopus will spread its arms wide to create a net.  It will then pounce on top, surrounding the crab.  The octopus can use poisonous saliva to weaken or kill the animal before eating, drilling through even the hardest of shells with its radula.   You will often find snail and crab shells of former meals littering the sand outside their lair.

The Day Octopus can have a body of about 6 inches long, with arms that grow to about 32 inches each.  Their life span is only about a year, dying after mating!

If an octopus is on your 'must see list', let your dive guide know and they'll do their best to be on the lookout for this fabulous creature!