Here Are 3 Ways Jack's Diving Locker Supports Conservation In Hawaii.


The world's oceans are facing many challenges: coral reefs all over the world are being irreparably damaged. Species of marine life are disappearing at an unprecedented rate. Conservation of the marine ecosystem is crucial, and there is no better group to advocate on its behalf than SCUBA divers.

Dive operators play a vital role in sharing their passion for the underwater world, promoting environmentally responsible diving, and promoting conservation of the underwater environment. Those of us working in the field are fortunate enough to interact with both local communities and tourists in marine conservation activities. This has a huge positive impact for marine conservation.

Jack’s is a longtime supporter of PADI Aware (previously Project Aware).

PADI AWARE (Aquatic World Awareness Responsibility and Education) brings together ocean adventure and marine conservation through connecting the passion for ocean adventure with the purpose of promoting ocean conservation globally.

Jacks makes an annual contribution to be “100% AWARE” for every diver that we certify. In recognition of that contribution - each divers’ certification card (regardless of the specific certification level; Open Water, Instructor, etc.) has the PADI Aware logo on it.

JDL has adopted and pledged to keep “Garden Eel Cove” clean and protected.

In addition to being 100% Aware - Jack’s participates in PADI Aware’s Adopt a Dive site program.

What is Adopt A Dive Site ™?

“PADI AWARE® launched the Adopt A Dive Site™ program on Earth Day, April 22. Adopt A Dive Site is a unique and powerful program to involve dive centers, resorts, and leaders around the world in ongoing, local protection and monitoring of our favorite underwater playgrounds.”

- PADI Website

“A few years ago, we wanted to be part of this program and an obvious dive site was Garden Eel Cove (our primary site for the manta night dive). We love this site and want to do our part to protect and preserve it. As part of this program – at least monthly – we have pledged to be intentional about a clean-up and report from the site.”

- Jeanne White, Jacks Diving Locker Instructor and Director of Education

Citizen Scientist – Dive Against Debris

Citizen scientists typically are not professional scientists. Rather, they are curious or concerned people who collaborate with professional scientists.

Dive Against Debris divers collect data from any or every dive that can be used by marine researchers to aid in conservation efforts. There is a lack of scientific data in a lot of diving operation locations, (conservation researchers cannot be everywhere). Divers can fill in this knowledge gap by helping to gather scientific data and report their findings to researchers.

Want to learn more about what you can do?

Join us for the Dive Against Debris Specialty course. This specialty also counts toward your Master Scuba Diver rating – the highest non-professional level scuba rating. To celebrate your commitment, your name will be added to our Master Scuba Diver plaque in our store for all to see.

Your dives can serve a greater purpose if you donate them to science, donate your bottom time, or simply talk to your SCUBA buddies about becoming a Dive Against Debris certified diver.