Prescription Masks Can Help You See In The Water!

If you wear corrective lenses on land, you don’t have to be blind in the water.  If contact lenses aren’t your thing (yes, you can wear your contacts when you snorkel or scuba!) then you might consider a prescription mask.  Jack’s Diving Locker has several options for your viewing pleasure!  

We carry 4 masks that we can install prescription lenses on-site. With all mask purchases, we will help you figure out which mask best fits your face.  While our in-stock prescriptions lenses can’t correct for things like an astigmatism, we do have a range of positive and negative lenses.  We have full positive lenses and half reader lenses to help read your gauges. 

If you don’t have your prescription handy, we will have you try on our rental prescription masks.  This usually consists of us handing you a mask until you say “Ah, yes! I can see!”  Our crew will then install the appropriate lenses so you’re ready to hit the water!

Not ready to make the purchasing plunge?  As mentioned above, we have prescription masks for rental.  We also have a swim goggle with prescription lens options that we can install in-house for you too!

Never again will you miss out on seeing the cool critters!  Let us help you see while in the water.