Ocean Fair 2020’s Socially Distant Clean Up

Ocean Fair 2020’s Socially Distant Clean Up  

On land or underwater, keep your community clean! Join the Socially Distant Community Clean Up in your neighborhood or at your local dive site.  Participate anytime between Monday, June 8 and Friday, June 12.  Divers, volunteers, families and activists are encouraged to pick up trash between those dates and submit photos as proof via the Jack’s Facebook group, “Friends of JDL”, with the hashtags #OceanFair2020 and #oceandefendersalliance or on Instagram by tagging @jacksdivinglocker and using the hashtags #OceanFair2020 and #oceandefendersalliance.

Try not to create more plastic waste by recycling a container for your clean up! Use an old cardboard box, outdoor bucket, or an old shopping bag to collect your trash. 

For every bag of trash or clean up photo submitted, you’ll be entered to win a prize from Jack’s Diving Locker.  Deadline to submit your clean up photos is Friday, June 12 at 2pm HST.  Drawing winners will be announced during Ocean Fair 2020 on Saturday, June 13th at 12 NOON following the free online presentation by Ocean Defenders Alliance CEO, Kurt Lieber. 

If you don’t have social media, e-mail your photos to with the knowledge your photos will be shared on the Jack’s social media accounts. 

 Don’t Forget:

  • Adhere to social distancing guidelines.  Stay six feet apart from others & wear a mask when necessary. 

  • Wearing gloves is recommended when picking up trash.

  • Wash your hands frequently, especially after handling trash. 

  • Use a reusable container for trash if and when available.  (bucket, cardboard box, paper grocery bag, etc.)

Successful entries must submit photos on Facebook to the Group: Friends of JDL which may be joined on the Jack’s Diving Locker Facebook page.  Use the hashtags #OceanFair2020 and #oceandefenderalliance.  You may also submit your photos on the Jack’s Instagram page using the same hashtags #OceanFair2020 and #oceandefendersalliance.  Just remember, this clean-up is on the “honor system”.

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