Cleaning Up Our Harbor, One Ton Of Trash At A Time. A Look At 2022.


Imagine if everyone picked up one extra piece of trash while they were out at the beach or swimming in their favorite body of water. How many more plastic bottle caps, bags and other small pieces would that add up to?

Jack's Diving Locker, along with many of our friends and family members from our dive club and local community, joined forces with Ocean Defender Alliance's to clean up Honokohau Harbor throughout 2022.



The results were incredible:

Total lbs removed: 18,320

  • total traps: 180 lbs
  • total fishing lines, est.: 6,100 feet
  • total lead fishing weights: 140 lbs
  • total tires: 139

We are very thankful for Ocean Defenders Alliancefor partnering with us, since our first clean up expedition in 2018 through this year, to make a difference in Kona's local waters!

We are especially grateful to all who volunteered above and below the surface. Without your help, we could never have cleaned out so much rubbish.

The JDL team plans to hold more cleanup projects in 2023 — with help from supporters like you!

Stay tuned...