The World's 2nd Smallest Shark And The Largest Shark Was Seen On The Pelagic Magic Dive In The Span Of Less Than 2 Weeks!


An Ironman visitor that later found our Captain!

Our awesome volunteers who helped Jacks Diving Locker set up the Ironman Swim Course had a surprise visitor. A huge Whale shark!

On the same beautiful day Captain David, toured the Classic Morning Dive guests to see the Ironman Swim course in the Kona Kailua Bay, on their way out to their two tank dives. I think the Captain wanted to take her home! [Sound on]



A giant & a pigmy in the night

What would it feel like to see a Whale shark in the glimmer of your light at night? Does this video get your heart racing with excitement like ours?!


A Whale shark was sited on the Pelagic Magic dive Sept. 8th. This is the 2nd time our crew member, Ross Bronzan has seen this giant on our Pelagic night dive. He saw one last year around the same time!

“The Whale shark looked massive and swam right under everyone,” he said, “it seemed to be 30ft at least.” - Ross Bronzan

You can see why the Pelagic Magic dive is one of his favorites. You never know what you are going to see.  


The group of lucky divers



Ross Bronzan, again, was out as support, and taking photos on the night dive. He spotted something outside of the divers' circle. Since he was not clipped in as the guide, he swam over to what he thought was going to be a cookie cutter shark. But to his delight and amazement it was a Pygmy shark!

The Pygmy shark is the second smallest shark in the world behind the dwarf lantern shark. Their average length measures 11 inches, roughly the size of a 2L soda bottle.

They are black with white tips on the edges of their fins, and their underbellies have a luminous glow, which they use to attract prey. They prefer living in deep water at depths of 6,500 feet. Because they are so small and live in deep water, they are not a threat to humans.