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Ready to learn something new? 

In this time of social and physical distancing – we are learning new ways of moving forward with classes.       We all need to keep our brains active – so it’s a great time to take that next step on whatever interests you.        We miss seeing you in person and going out to explore the ocean – but that time will come again.

Over the next few weeks/months – we’ll be putting some classes together and would love for you to join us!   Even while “stay-at-home” is in place - we are finding new ways to move forward on the classroom portions and will even be starting an Instructor Development Course soon.      Students will do the eLearning first, then join in video-conferencing for the “classroom” portion.  Then, when the time is right – the students will come here to start in Jack’s pool - & head to the ocean to complete their preparation to take the Instructor Exam.   As you might know – the instructor course is the one course where Jack’s Diving Locker help to “prepare” the candidates – but a PADI Examiner comes to administer the 2-day exam.   The 2 candidates we are working with are based in Hilo – so we won’t be reliant on recreational plane travel opening up.      If you are interested (even if you aren’t on the Big Island) – give us a call or email us at and let’s talk options.  

This is also a great time to save some money!     We know not everyone can spend money on courses right now – and we understand.    But if you have some time on your hands – and the ability to do a course -- You can currently save 25% on PADI eLearning – so this is a great time to get started.   And you can check our new website – and buy it directly through our udpated online store.    Then we’ll work with you to schedule the class at a future date. 

Questions?  Comments? Suggestions?  Ready to sign up?   We’d love to hear from you.  Please give us a call (current hours 6am-2pm Hawaii time) or reach out to us at